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Infortrend Introduces Award-Winning 25 GbE Solutions for High Speed Workloads
Posted: Tue Jul 09, 2019 12:15:08 PM

New Taipei City, Taiwan, 9 July 2019 – Infortrend® Technology, Inc. (TWSE: 2495) announces that its mainstream storage solutions now support 25 GbE networking standard. With such support, it meets the bandwidth-consuming requirements of hyper-scale data centers and M&E industries. During NAB 2019, one of the leading M&E exhibitions, EonStor GSa AFA storage with 25 GbE connectivity won the Best of Show Award, proving that the industry is ready to embrace the new network standard.

New innovation such as HD video, AI, and big data applications requires a bigger and better bandwidth, and 10 GbE cannot accommodate the network stresses. Compared with 10 GbE, 25 GbE provides 2.5x bandwidth, higher port density, better cost per gigabit, and lower power consumption. The 25 GbE is, to be expected, the new standard for the next-gen storage and server solutions such as core layers of data centers, HD media workflow, and cloud computing which caters to the needs in data speed, performance, and rack density.

In addition, 25 GbE is the most future-proof connectivity because it features backward compatibility with 10 GbE and a seamless transition to 100 GbE network. According to the IEEE, 100GbE standard is based on four 25 GbE lanes. The trend towards 100GbE infrastructure will accelerate the adoption of 25GbE technology.

To respond to the standard transition and increasing requirements, Infortrend has introduced 25 GbE connectivity into its mainstream product portfolios such as EonStor DS, EonStor GS, EonStor GSa, EonStor GSc, and EonStor GSe. At NAB 2019, Infortrend presented EonStor GSa all-flash storage with two 25 GbE ports per host board to show the lightning speed and efficiency of handling 8K DPX streams and was well received with the Best of Show Award.

“We are proud to provide comprehensive networking options to benefit our customers. With two 25 GbE ports per host board, our storage solution can support up to 50 GbE capability to handle high speed workloads. Along with the availability of 1/10/40 GbE solutions and up to 32 FC (Fibre Channel) interface, we empower customers with flexible configurations and optimized investment and performance,” said Thomas Kao, Senior Director of Product Planning.

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