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Infortrend Reshapes Oil & Gas Production with Real-Time Big Data Analytics
Posted: Tue Aug 20, 2019 03:50:10 PM

Taipei, Taiwan, 20 August 2019 – Infortrend® Technology, Inc. (TWSE: 2495) has enabled a global Oil & Gas producer to optimize its production efficiency with advanced big data analytics. Infortrend's data storage solution provides industry leading bandwidth capabilities to ensure immediate error-free data acquisition and analysis. Infortrend storage technology now empowers this Oil & Gas giant to locate oil fields with laser precision by analyzing huge amounts of drilling data in real-time.

In this data-driven era, enterprises rely heavily on maximizing the value of the data assets to improve productivity and to find new insights for business innovation. Most importantly, decision makers are equipped with precise data analytics to make strategic plans and gain a competitive edge.

Oil & Gas industry is one of the examples using big data analytics to improve production efficiency, since oil & gas production is always involved with massive data volumes collected from thousands of drilling equipment, such as downhole sensors, geophone detectors, and hydrophone.

China National Offshore Oil Corporation, one of the leading oil company in the world, has discovered more than 3 billion tons of oil in Bohai Gulf. To better locate oil fields, the company built a data center in Northern China, which collects all the oil drilling data. For precise results, it then analyzes and calculates the collected data through distributed computing.

In this project, the oil company installed hundreds of Infortrend’s storage systems, including EonStor DS and EonStor GS in its data center to gather and store the vital information. Infortend’s storage solution supports up to 11,000/5,500 MB/s read/write speed and up to 750,000 IOPS performance, which can fulfill the requirements for high-speed data acquisition and analyzing.

In addition to performance, EonStor GS unified storage can be used as a NAS storage, which allows different departments of the oil company to share the file folder and enhance the collaboration efficiency.

For mission-critical applications, such as Oil & Gas, minimizing downtime is a major consideration. Infortrend’s storage systems delivers high-availability operation with the redundancy design of power supplies, fans and controllers. Thanks to hot-swappable modular design, failed component can be easily replaced and maintained without interrupting the system.

“Faced with the continued energy demand in the future, Oil & Gas industries need to adopt an efficient and stable IT operation platform to process the huge data collection and processing. Infortrend’s wide range of enterprise-level storage products can help companies to gain advantages of big data analytics with our advanced data management solutions,” said Thomas Kao, Senior Director of Product Planning.

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