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Simple and Centralized File Management with Infortrend Office Shared Storage
Posted: Tue Jan 14, 2020 02:26:03 PM

Taipei, Taiwan, 14 January 2020 – Infortrend® Technology, Inc. (TWSE: 2495), the industry-leading enterprise storage provider, launches the office shared storage to facilitate file sharing and centralized file storage and backup for work environment. The easy-to-use storage system is designed to simplify project collaboration and work files storage and management, especially for small-to-medium enterprises which often face challenges, such as imperfect IT infrastructure or unpredictable business growth.

The EonStor GS/GSe/GSe Pro office shared storage provides a unified storage space for office users to share, store, and back up files. When someone edits the file or the file is changed, it will be updated in real time, which avoids the issue of people editing the file at the same time.

The IT manager, on the other hand, can also easily allocate, track, and even expand employees’ storage usage, making the data management effortless. In addition, with all files stored on the shared storage, the supported RAID protection can ensure normal access to data even if the hard disk is damaged. The shared storage also supports the multi-version snapshot function, and off-site and cloud data backup to guarantee that data can be restored from mistaken deletion or accidents.

The office shared storage provides a simple and quick setup wizard to save users from complicated storage system settings. Moreover, through the EonOne management software, the administrator can easily set up file sharing, user storage quota, and data protection. For general users, the office shared storage provides EonView client-based utility, which can automatically connect the personal computer to shared storage and quickly mount storage space for the use as a network drive.

To meet different needs, the office shared storage features high scalability and availability. For massive data storage requirements, it can increase storage space through JBOD expansion enclosures without stopping the system operation. It can provide up to 800+ hard disks and establish PB-level storage space. For mission-critical applications, the shared storage also supports key component redundancy to ensure system availability.

“Whether it’s for office file sharing, personal computer backup or personal network disk, our new office shared storage can deliver a simple, reliable, and flexible solution for SMB work environments,” said Thomas Kao, Senior Director of Product Planning.

Product Highlights

  • Centralized file storage
  • Real-time file sharing
  • Complete data protection
  • High scalability and availability
  • Easy management and use
  • Comprehensive solutions
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