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Global Namespace
Simplified network access plus streamlined file sharing

Global Namespace


Included on EonNAS storage solutions, Global Namespace serves a unified front-end to simplify management and provide access to all networked storage assets from one convenient and intuitive point. It consolidates different file systems and clients while offering a comprehensive view of storage networks, simplifying the work of businesses and enterprises to support better time management and productivity. As one can understand from its title, Global Namespace architecture assigns a universal name to all associated servers, clients, and systems. It effectively unifies separate systems into one environment, promoting efficient administration and access.


Features Benefits
Unified management Administration of all networked storage from one point simplifies processes and allows for better time and resource utilization
Single name assignment Multiple networked clients and servers are consolidated under one namespace, so they become visible and accessible to all authorized users
Quick and effortless sharing As an entire networked environment is unified, users can more effectively share data and work on projects together without having to negotiate various file systems
Intuitive design Global Namespace topology is much easier to handle than other architectures, which involve various file systems that are very different from each other
Smoother scalability Networked storage with Global Namespace affords administrators a universal view of available capacity, and therefore better anticipation and supervision of expansion


Global Namespace Diagram