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Centralized management for EonNAS systems simplifies configuration, workflow, and notifications



EonNAS unified storage systems can be easily managed via the EonOne interface. It streamlines and improves workflow and storage management, designed for easier deployment and maintenance plus smooth file sharing. Multiple systems can be managed from a single point in an “install once, browse anywhere” fashion via the internet, as EonOne is browser-based.

Consolidated management places system configuration steps on a single page, while all other major functions are likewise centralized for easy navigation and use. Settings and workflow tasks that previously required multiple steps across separate platforms can be accomplished quickly with EonOne. The interface provides extensive event notifications for multiple systems through a clear and simple dashboard, and users get stats on system health, capacity, performance and other parameters at-a-glance. There is no license requirement for EonOne.


Features Benefits
Centralized design Monitor and manage multiple EonNAS systems from one intuitive interface
Streamlined workflow Tasks completed via a single page and with greatly reduced number of steps
Simple one-page system setup Configuring EonNAS systems can be accomplished quickly from one page
Event notifications Consolidated event notices for multiple systems keep users informed
Intuitive UI Monitor system health, capacity, performance, and other vitals with ease
Web-based Install once and browse anywhere via the internet
License-free No license purchase required
Wide compatibility Works with Internet Explorer, Chrome, and Firefox