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Scale-out Storage
Linear scaling of capacity and performance

Scale-out Storage


Implementing distributed load-balancing technology on a virtualized foundation, Infortrend scale-out allows users to increase performance by adding new systems to an existing virtual pool. Load-balancing technology automatically migrates existing data to balance workloads across the environment and maintains optimized performance by evenly distributing data blocks among member systems of the virtual pool. Without disrupting online service, scale-out storage combines the power of existing and new systems to linearly boost productivity in a cost-effective way.


Features Benefits
Increase performance and capacity Scale-out enables linear scaling of both performance and capacity
Improved productivity Continuously enable storage systems to operate at full power to support applications
Simplified management Requires no prior planning or manual operation to optimize system performance or re-balance environments
Increased availability Eliminates planned system downtime for performance optimization
Excellent scalability Scale storage systems up to 1,344 disk drives