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Intelligent Drive Recovery (IDR)
Smarter RAID 6 drive clone/replace, data recovery, and media scan

Intelligent Drive Recovery


Infortrend IDR offers superior RAID protection and recovery compared to generic RAID, increasing integrity and system efficiency while keeping your data secure against errors and loss.

Working best in RAID 6, IDR uses spare drives to recreate data. Intelligent clone and replace prevents data loss by automatically recovering affected media. IDR clones faulty drives and is capable of specifically recovering bad sectors or blocks as needed. It automatically relocates potentially problematic data to readable sectors and blocks in the background without user intervention, providing a vital tool for pre-empting drive failure and preventing data issues.

Together with HDD S.M.A.R.T (self monitoring, analysis, and reporting technology), IDR offers smart media scan, which catches errors before they become a problem. Smart media scan takes into account I/O demand, suspending and resuming to avoid performance degradation. Media scan can also be scheduled manually or set to automatic mode.


Features Benefits
Smarter RAID 6 clone and replace
  • Maximum drive cloning efficiency and responsiveness prevent data loss
  • Overcoming generic RAID limitations to recover even tough media errors, resulting in minimal impact on storage performance and degradation-resistant data sets
Works alongside HDD S.M.A.R.T Prevents hidden errors that go unchecked and automatically recovers at-risk data
Performance-optimized media scan Scan operations activate and suspend based on storage I/O demand to prevent performance loss and slow-down, ensuring optimal efficiency
Convenient scan scheduling Media scan settings include manual and automatic modes to suit your needs: run scans after business hours to prevent impact on work, and schedule regular checks to maintain constant protection


Intelligent Drive Recovery Diagram